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About Solcraft

Solcraft is a Blockchain Action-RTS (Real Time Strategy) Play-to-Earn Game set in the ancient fantasy world of Solania. Don’t miss out on our initial one-time offering of 2000 Dwarf Miners. You will need to own a Dwarf Miner in order to mine the precious resource Solanite ($SLN) in game. The Solcraft project has a dedicated focus combining incredible art, dynamic and enjoyable gameplay and leading innovation within the NFT gaming space.

Will we see you in Solania?


A NFT Lootbox

Unique Generative 3D Art

Each Solcraft Miner Dwarf is uniquely generated from 100’s of attributes created by our in-house 3D Artist Ricardo Pastor. Our initial drop will consist of a one time offering of 2000 unique Solcraft Dwarf Miners made up of five rarities resulting in different in-game abilities.

Inventory screen

P2E Gaming

Solcraft brings a concentrated focus on creating the leading play to earn blockchain game including it’s own metaverse and market leading gaming ecosystem. Gameplay and metaverse functionality will continue to evolve with the project.

Battle-animal icon

In-Game Assets

Each Solcraft Miner Dwarf will come with it’s own unique in game items. The Solcraft NFT attributes will correlate with the assets in the game. The rarity of your Miner will dictate your miners mining power when mining Solanite ($SLN). You can upgrade equipment and purchase potions to assist you in accumulating resources within the game.

A logo showing team members

A Growing Team

Solcraft has an incredibly diverse and accomplished team behind it. Our development team have worked on a number of successful blockchain projects. Our artists, game developers and supporting team are all dedicated to performing at the highest standards and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this ever changing space.

A Dwarf miner

Welcome To The Metaverse Of Solania

The Solcraft Project brings the fantasy world of Solania to life initially within it’s own metaverse with a longer term goal of integrating across multiple platforms with other projects. Solcraft is a project that combines the community, life-long friendships and entertainment provided by video games with the opportunity to be paid for your time and effort.

Within Solania you are given the opportunity to earn and enjoy complete ownership over in-game assets and items. We are creating a world where gamers can truly play-to-earn (P2E) in a space that is shared digitally and that seamlessly integrates aspects of the real world — specifically things like ownership, identity, and financial value.


Stage One - Q4, 2021

Art Creation

Website Development

Game Development

Community Building

Stage Two - Q1, 2022

Website Launch

Dwarf NFT Mint

Staking Launch (After Mint)

Character Integration

Marketplace Integration

Stage Three - Q2, 2022

Alpha Game Release

Battle Animal Airdrop


Elf NFT Mint

Stage Four - Q3, 2022

Beta Release

Roadmap 2.0

Long Term...

PVP Intro

Land Development

Marketplace Integration

Metaverse Land Acquisition

DAO Integration

Evolution of the game from PVE and PVP into MMO through development

Expand the Solania Land Utility including construction implementation

Our Team

Project Manager logo image

Malaki Aiono

Founder /

Project Manager

Project Lead with over 10 years experience in leading sales and marketing teams with core competencies in graphic design, UI and marketing.

Co-Founder & Lead Game Developer logo image

Gilles Walther


Lead Game Developer

Coding whizz with 8+ years experience. 3 years Game developent experience and 18 years of experience in Finance. Chartered Financial Analyst

Lead Artist logo image

Ricardo Pastor

Lead Artist

5+ Years experience 3d Modeling and 10+ years as an Artist.

Lover of Beer, Mezcal, Tacos, Pozole and Pizza

Community Manager logo image

Felix Holzer

Community Manager

Community Manager and all around nice guy with 3+ years of experience managing discord communities

Game Economy Advisor logo image

Khaled Airoumi

Game Economy Advisor

Specialist in Game System & Economies, Blockchain Gaming and Monetization

Game Designer at Illuvium

3D Artist and Game Developer logo image

Nikita Breder

3D Artist and Game Developer

3D artist and Game designer with 3+ years experience specialising in game architecture and programming

Stinky Duck logo image

Stinky Duck

Marketing Director / Co-Founder

Marketing Director years of experience with a great track record of networking, Relationship building and Marketing

Dave fried logo image

Dave fried

Game Design Advisor

Game & Narrative designer with over 24 years of experience, having worked at Blizzard Entertainment, Oddworld, Ubisoft, inXile, on games like Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, Wasteland 3, and many more.

Jorge Hiray logo image

Jorge Hiray

3d Artist and Animator

Artist and Animator with experience in rigging and character animations.

Jarrah Brouwer logo image

Jarrah Brouwer

3D Artist

3D Artist with vast experience with Henchmen Studio and working on games such as Overwatch, WoW and Hearthstone.

Samantha F logo image

Samantha F

Concept artist, Animator and Assistant Game Developer

Concept and 3D Artist with great experience and extreme attention to detail.

Fabio HR logo image

Fabio HR Filho

Fullstack Developer

Fullstack Developer with experience with creating Backend servers to Smart Contracts.

Breno logo image


Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer with experience with integrating Smart Contracts.

How to earn $SLN

A icon of a pickaxe
MiningMining is the main way to earn $SLN in the lands of Solania. The more miners you own the more $SLN you can earn.

There is no limit to how many miners you can use or own however you must protect them from waves of Orc and monster attacks periodically.
A icon of a boar
A icon of a boar
BreedingTo breed you'll need a male and female war pig. You can rent pigs off other players. The higher the rarity attributes of the pair the higher the chance of breeding a pig that also has rare attributes.

Pigs can be used to defend your miners from Orc attacks.
a blue miner without shirt
A earning coins icon
PassiveSolania will have a limited amount of plots of mineable land ranging from Common to Mythical. Common land will have far less resources available than the rarer land plots. Land Owners can set the commissions of the land they own from 0% to 20% of the total amount of mined resource. Land owners can passively earn without having to play the game. You can also earn passively by renting out your miners, pigs and equipment.
A Marketplace icon
MarketplaceBuy, sell and trade weapons and armor for your character and your dwarves on the marketplace. Initially, these items will be available on secondary marketplaces, however we developing our own in-game marketplace that will also include a dex to make swapping $SLN for $SOL or other tokens hassle free



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